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Forum Artis is the national co-operation organ for Finnish artists’ associations. Its aims are: to advance the interests of its member societies; to promote the co-operation within the various branches of art; and to foster the social and professional interests of its membership. The organization was formed in 1950 and its by-laws were adopted the following year. Forum Artis became a registered association in 1962.

Forum Artis represents 20 member associations and 25 000 artists.

Contact Us

Chairman of the Board Virpi Hämeen-Anttila
Secretary General Hanna Kosonen

Forum Artis
c/o Hanna Kosonen
Pikkusuontie 4 A
00670 Helsinki, Finland
Email [email protected]

Member Societies

·       The Artists’ Association of Finland

·       The Finnish Actor’s Union

·       The Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA)

·       The Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo

·       Association of Finnish Film Directors

·       The Finnish Association of Reciters of Poetry

·       The Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreter

·       The Finnish Illustration Association

·       The Finnish Musicians’ Union

·       Finnish Music Creators’ Association

·       The Finnish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild

·       Globe Art Point

·       Grafia − Association of Visual Communication Designers in Finland

·       KAOS – the Literary Translators’ Branch with the Union of Journalists in Finland

·       SET – the Finnish Film and Media Workers

·       The Society of Finnish Composers

·       The Society of Swedish Authors in Finland

·       The Swedish Speaking Actors Union of Finland

·       Trade Union for Theatre and Media Finland (Teme)

·       The Union of Finnish Writers

International Co-operation

Forum Artis is a member of the Council of Nordic Artists (Nordiska Konstnärsrådet) which meets regularly in the Nordic Countries. The other member organizations are:

Dansk Kunstnerråd (Denmark)

KLYS – Swedish Joint Committee for Artistic and Literary Professionals

The Federation of Icelandic Artists, BÍL

The Council of Faroese Artists LISA

Sami Artist Council

Kunstnernettverket (Norway)